This Las Vegas Call Girl Means Business.

Hi, I’m Amber, one of the sexiest Las Vegas call girls from Girls Direct To You. I’m also one of the smartest. When the team at Girls Direct To You offered me the opportunity to get my message out there with this blog, I saw it as a great marketing opportunity. Sounds sexy, huh?

You can learn a lot about marketing while stripping naked for executives in Las Vegas.

A lot of people think girls who work as Vegas call girls are being taken advantage of. I can’t speak for every girl, but as far as I’m concerned, stripping and entertaining men as a call girl in Las Vegas can be a tremendous opportunity to earn a lot of money and control your own destiny as long as you are a smart business woman.

As Las Vegas call girl, I get to set my own hours. I choose which days I want to work and what times I want to be available. I can usually earn enough by working just a few nights per week to cover my monthly expenses. If I apply myself, I can earn a lot more.

The key is making and sticking to a budget. That way I can adjust the number of nights I work per week to respond to changes in demand and ensure I always meet my goals.

The ability to manage time isn’t without perks. It enables me to block out a lot of free time. In a town like Las Vegas, it would be easy to waste that time (and a lot of money) on any number of distractions. But since I’m “in it to win it”, I look for ways to use my time for maximum benefit.

I may be a working girl, but I’m not all work and no play. I use my free time to mix business with pleasure by working out every day at a fitness club, getting spa treatments, tanning at poolside, and having my hair styled and colored. All of which improve my appearance, stamina, and attitude. All things considered, I’m simply investing in my business to maximize my assets.

By now you might be wondering how a Las Vegas call girl like me knows all this stuff. It should go without saying that in my line of work, I spend a lot of time with CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and all sorts of executives. Especially during trade shows like CES, SEMA, MAGIC, and others. While they’re checking out my tits and ass, I’m all ears so I can pick up tips for managing my favorite business: Me!

In upcoming blogs, I’ll talk more about how I build my business one striptease at a time. Don’t worry, I’ll get into all sorts of delicious, decadent details of my life as a Las Vegas call girl. Because while I like looking at spreadsheets, I LOVE being looked at while I’m spread on the sheets!