Vegas Escort Lessons Learned

I’ve been a Las Vegas escort for a couple of years and I love my job. I get to meet lots of interesting men (and ladies,) stay in some of the world’s finest hotels, and fulfill many of my personal fantasies. Along the way I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade – no pun intended. One of my favorites is my “magic suitcase.” Working for Girls Direct To You, Las Vegas’ most established out-call service, I’m called upon to meet discerning gentlemen at some of Las Vegas’ top hotels. Security at these hotels can be tight, especially late at night. As a beautiful single woman passing the guard at the elevator bank, sometimes I’d get a little extra scrutiny. That’s when I thought of the “magic suitcase.”

By carrying a suitcase with me to my out-call appointments, security took me for a guest checking in late instead of a Las Vegas escort. With my “magic suitcase” I would whisk past security and up to my client’s Las Vegas hotel room without raising suspicion with the elevator police or the ever present eye-in-the-sky.

Redhead Escort Over Suitcase | Las Vegas Call GirlsNow one of the great things about working for Girls Direct To You is they encourage us girls to be creative. Especially when it comes to pleasing our clients. So once I started carrying my “magic suitcase” I thought, what can I put into my suitcase to please my man?

As luck would have it, this question popped into my head just as I was walking past Kiki Montparnasse, a French lingerie shop at Crystals, on my way to an appointment at Aria. That’s when the lightbulb turned on – albeit a red light. I’ve always taken pride in my appearance, arriving for appointments as a Las Vegas escort dressed beautifully in outfits that usually included some form of sexy lingerie. But why not give my gentleman a choice?

I popped into the shop and picked out a black satin cincher that highlighted my narrow waist while accentuating my firm round ass and putting my perfect double-D tits on full display. I paired the cincher (sort of a bustier minus the cups) with a pair of black seamed stockings and some sheer laceRedhead Call Girl Stock Image panties and packed my “magic suitcase.”

When I arrived at my gentleman’s Las Vegas hotel room, I gave him a moment to look me over before asking if I could model something new for him. Curiosity piqued, my man sat back as I slipped out of my dress and into my new Parisian corsetry. From the Eiffel Tower in his pants, I could tell he liked it.

Since then I’ve added sexy bras, panties, garters, corsets and more from some of the finest boutiques to my “magic suitcase” collection. In fact, some of my repeat clients have brought me gifts from collections by Chantelle, Aubade, and Lise Charmel.

Thanks to my “magic suitcase,” I’m the best undressed Las Vegas escort on the Strip.

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