Bachelor Parties with Las Vegas Escorts

It may come as a surprise to you, but I love bachelor parties. Unlike most of the girls you know at home, as an escort in Las Vegas I actually get to attend a lot of bachelor parties. When I’m at a bachelor party, I’m the center of attention in a room full of horny guys. It gets me so wet I could scream. I can’t wait to strip naked and dance for each and every guy in the room. I’m very athletic so I have the stamina to perform for one man after another. I love it!

Being an expert on bachelor parties, I can give you one piece of advice: The groom-to-be may be the guest of honor, but it is really all about the girls. That’s because a bachelor party without sexy girls is really just a bunch of swinging dicks standing around looking at each other. While I might enjoy that picture, you and your friends probably not so much.

When it comes to getting girls to your bachelor party, you have two basic choices: You can take your party to a strip club or you can hire escorts to entertain your party in private. Let’s look at both options.

Bachelor Parties at Strip Clubs

Bachelor Party Stripper Las Vegas Stock ImageLas Vegas has a lot of strip clubs. But in a town known for extravagance, the strip clubs leave a lot to be desired. Most are crammed into old warehouse or shopping center spaces in bad parts of town. They are dirty, dingy, and you definitely wouldn’t want to see them with the lights on. I’ve danced in clubs across the country. I can tell you based on first-hand experience that there are much better strip clubs in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta. Some of them are palaces. But if all you care about is quantity, Las Vegas will meet your needs.

Assuming you take your party to a strip club you can expect to pay a steep cover charge for each guest. Figure about $20 per head. Since you’ll probably have a lot of guys with you, you won’t be able to cram into the typical two or four seat table in the strip club as though you were on your own. Instead you’ll probably end up being forced to order bottle service to get your entourage seated. That’s big bucks – anywhere from $200 to 300 per bottle – and with a big crowd there will probably be at least a two bottle minimum.

Then you’ll each have to pay strippers. That’s $20 for 3 minutes forty seconds of a bored stripper looking past you at her next mark. Las Vegas strippers are mercenaries. A lot of them only fly in for weekends or trade shows to score easy money. The rest are a far cry from what you’d expect in a town called Sin City. On top of paying for each of your individual dances, if you like your guest of honor, you’ll probably want to send him to a private room at the club for some special attention. That will cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Cover charges, bottle service, table dances – It all adds up fast. Worse, it isn’t even exclusive to you and your guests. You’re in the middle of a club where everyone can see what your doing – not just the pervert seated nearby who is getting as much out of your twenty as you are – but also the floor manager and the “eyes-in-the-sky” that watch every move you make. So much for making your bachelor party a “hands-on” experience.

Bachelor Parties with Escorts

In contrast, you can book an escorts instead of going to a strip club. Since you and your friends already have hotel rooms, you won’t needBachelor Party Escorts in Las Vegas Stock Image to pay a cover charge. If you’re smart, a few of you will pool your money and share a suite. That way you’ll have plenty of room for your guests and even a private bedroom for the guest of honor.

As for drinks, Las Vegas hotel-casinos don’t have mini bars. They want you to spend your time and money in the casino. But that means they have no problem with you bringing your own liquor into your room. In fact, most resorts sell beer, wine, and liquor in their gift shops. Ching ching – now you’re only paying cost for booze instead of insanely marked-up titty bar prices.

Now come the the girls. Girls Direct To You will send beautiful escorts to your hotel room to strip naked for just $200 each. They make hiring escorts for a bachelor party easy with clear instructions and cool tools like click-to-call or click-to-chat. Girls Direct To You will get girls to your bachelor party in thirty minutes or less.

Once the girls arrive at your hotel room, there’s no time limit. Our escorts stay as long as they are comfortable. Our escorts come from every walk of life and are among the hottest girls in Las Vegas. Unlike the dead-eyed locusts that buzz their way through wallets in a strip club, our escorts are professionals who take their time to deliver the finest personal service to their clients.

Since you’re in a private room, instead of sharing your escorts with a bunch of strangers, you’ll have them all to yourself and just your best friends. Better still, you won’t have to worry about the dread “eye-in-the-sky” watching your every move so you can really enjoy yourself.

Do the math. You can spend thousands of dollars on an impersonal and altogether forgettable experience from a zoned-out bimbo at a strip club or you can spend a few hundred dollars for a highly personal, unforgettable erotic adventure delivered by two or more sexy professional escorts.

On a Personal Note…

As an escort who admittedly gets a bang out of entertaining several men at once, I actually prefer working with two or more girls. That way we can perform together to give you a girl-on-girl thrill or provide very special attention to several gentlemen at once. Because unlike the average stripper in a club, escorts like me and all the other call girls at Girls Direct To You are extremely customer service oriented. We don’t stare off into space when we perform for you. We look you right in the eye and tell you how much we love it. We don’t just take off our tops. We take off EVERYTHING so you can see all of our incredible assets up close and personal. Our goal is your ultimate satisfaction.

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