What do Las Vegas Escorts Wear?

Working as a Las Vegas Escort can be a lot of fun. After all, who doesn’t like to get sexy and turn people on? Especially a hot blooded Latina beauty like me. But when you do it every night, sometimes it can seem like…well, work. So I came up with a way to keep it interesting for me while offering something exciting and totally unexpected for my clients.  I got the idea from a girlfriend with whom I used to share an apartment – and bed (yes, I like girls too.) She was a flight attendant and like me, she sometimes got bored of doing the same thing day after day – even if it was as exciting as flying.

When I asked her how she coped, she opened up her dresser drawer and showed me a collection of name tags. Each little set of wings had a different name on it. With a wink and a smile, she pulled a wig out of her closet, put on a name tag and said, “I’m Mandy, fly me! I laughed hysterically and said, “No you’re not. You’re Sybil, you crazy bitch!

Las Vegas Escort Flight Attendant Costume | Girls Direct Las VegasAs funny as it was, it gave me an idea. The next day I went to a uniform shop. With all the service industry jobs in Las Vegas, they’re nothard to find. I picked up a classic hotel maid uniform, then took it home for some “customization.”  That night I took a big chance. I showed up at my first appointment early. Shivering with excitement, I knocked on the door and proclaimed, “Housekeeping.” My client was expecting a Las Vegas escort, not the hotel maid. But when he got a look at me in my sexy maid uniform, his jaw nearly dropped.

Without waiting to be invited, I whisked past him like I owned the place, waving a feather duster in his face as I entered the room. Looking around, I said, “You’ve been a very messy boy.” Spellbound, he watched me enter the bathroom where I flicked a switch and haloed by the light, leaned up on my tippy-toes over the sink to freshen my lipstick in the mirror. His eyes followed the lines on my stockings from the tops of my high heel shoes all the way up to the the edge of my newly shortened skirt where my perfectly formed ass was on full display.

Re-entering the room, I made it a point to brush past him so he could smell my sweet perfume as I made my way to side of the bed. I faced him while Sexy Brunette Escort Maid Costume | Las Vegas Escort Servicesleaning, almost laying over to spread the sheets so he could see my beautiful tanned breasts practically falling out of my blouse. “I better make this bed or you won’t be able to sleep,” I said. “Do you like my pillows? I make them extra big and soft just for you.”

Realization crept across his face as I turned on the television, selected some music and started taking off my uniform. “All this housekeeping makes me so hot,” I said.  At last he managed to speak, “I’m sorry, what was your name, Miss?”  Proudly I pointed to the name tag on my open blouse and said, “I’m Maria and I’m your escort maid to order.” Since then I’ve surprised clients as a policewoman, nurse, and even a bell boy. Although it does’t exactly meet the Girls Direct To You dress code, none of my clients have complained yet.

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